Ten years later…

January 28, 2008

…it would appear the music industry has finally caved. They’ve banded together to form a new venture called Qtrax. From what I can tell, this site allows anyone to download music to play anywhere for nothing. Has anyone tried this yet? Any predictions on whether or not this will be a lifeboat for the big labels?



6 Responses to “Ten years later…”

  1. Jordan Says:

    finally i can stop dwnloading ilegally. ha yeah right. ill buy the epochs album though

  2. tg77 Says:

    unless i can find it on here qtrax that is

  3. Anonymous Says:

    labels suck. i dont think theres been a single good album this year on a major label. am i right?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    except feist maybe. was her album THE REMINDER on a major? i think it was

  5. FoxyMelody Says:

    QTrax already tanked before it even launched. turns out they didn’t have the major label deals they said they did.
    Plus, ad-supported free music won’t work when free is still available. Will you listen to an ad before a song, every time it plays? Nope. I don’t listen to the radio for that reason (among others), so I can’t imagine people are going to deal with that to assuage their guilt.

    Besides, it was tried already by a company called Spiralfrog, which tanked before it even went live.


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