PH not V

March 12, 2008

wrote a review of us here. I think he’s a little confused by us, but I give him credit for sticking with it–


4 Responses to “PH not V”

  1. peafant Says:

    Hey Ryan… Rob here (of the sci-fi stories). I just watched “Love Complete,” and “Mouths to Feed” on youtube. I have one thing to say: I’ve been looking for a new cd to get. Now I have one. I loved it. …Do you guys have a CD out right now?? Unfortunately, I can’t make it to the Boston show. I live in Michigan. –I’m sending you an email about my stories..just to let you know which ones are the “best.” Anyway, jam on. You guys are great. –Rob Crandall

  2. Sally Says:

    You guys killed that show.

  3. Sally Says:

    The Mercury Lounge one, that is. *-)

  4. Italo Says:

    guys i love yours music …
    i am from Chile

    suerte 🙂

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