Confusion in New York

May 16, 2008

So last night was Day Three of our tour with Snowden & Colour Revolt and, if I’m counting correctly, our 3,487th show at Mercury Lounge in New York. And in all of our times playing the venue, we’ve had a lot of different types of folks turn out. But never before have we had the fire marshall stop by for a visit. The club was filled to capacity but was not over sold, which frustrated many of you who waited outside with pre-purchased tickets. From what I’ve been told, the club has been slapped with a huge fine….not exactly sure for what. But hopefully most of you were able to make it inside the room for Snowden. They were pretty amazing.

For those of you who may have missed Colour Revolt because of this scuffle, which I imagine might be the case, we urge you to consider making the trip out to Hoboken, NJ tonight to see this exact same bill at Maxwell’s, this time without being shut out of the club for an hour (fingers crossed.) We’re glad that so so many of you turned out for the show–we hope that everyone who waited to get in got in. If not, come tonight and we’ll give you a hug.


2 Responses to “Confusion in New York”

  1. comollamarte Says:

    Hi Ryan… my name is Eduardo, and I’m an independent journalist of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have this blog and I often write for

    I’m flaeadooo with your music. Can I send a few questions via mail? for my blog…

    Thank you!

  2. sarah Says:

    hey why dont you guy post here anymore? i put your album in my top 30 of ’08 today. 🙂

    hope youre all well.

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