A Girl’s Best Friend…

September 28, 2011

Upon my last visit to Lee’s studio, the first work I came across was this…

Her collage piece (still n progress at time of this image) is cut into the shape of diamonds (a central focal point of Lee’s work as I showed in the last post about her work). Additionally, all the images in the diamond shape are clipped from magazine ads for diamonds. It’s a work that explores “how you’re supposed to feel when given a diamond”. And it certainly captures that emotion that advertisers are trying to impress upon their audience. Lee also intentionally used small bits of text to help illustrate this.


Lee’s first painting (pictured above) in it’s nearly finished form, consisting of paint and cut-out layers of tape to create a sort of ‘paint-by-numbers’ feel — apologies if my orientation is off with this photograph! I particularly liked this piece and how it comes from a place of examining the concept of vacation. In particular, it explores what it means to escape from ones life and retreat to a vacation home. And while it’s based on imagery of holiday and vacation homes, it’s an abstracted interpretation — one that, it seems, seeks to reproduce the feeling of the place rather than simply an image of, say, a beach house or vacation condominium.


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