“I started making these in Photoshop, but found that it was limiting. And it was really stressing me out” Lee recalls about making her latest works which she claims have taken her somewhat off of the┬áDecathlon┬ápath and onto something new. “I realized that working on stuff in Photoshop that I get really frustrated making these beautiful things in Photoshop and then can’t recreate them outside of the computer.

I get ticked off when I can’t recreate them just like that.” Lee discussed how the challenge for her has been recreating works she’s easy able to create with a software program using tools like pencils and knives. But challenging herself to do so, she says, is “greatly rewarding”. In person, the works do bear the mark of the human hand, with slight imperfections and such. But in a way, that’s what makes them most interesting — they take forms that are made with technology and recreates it with real tools.

But once she’s working in the “real world”, the works take on a life of their own, Lee says.

While Lee has veered somewhat off the path of the various Decathlon areas of concentration, she says that pursuing these somewhat unrelated works have given her a better perspective on how to approach some of the remaining obstacles such as installation and sound art.

Lee says that she plans to dive into some of these more daunting areas before my next visit, and I don’t want to give too much away about her plans for her sound art except to say that it will require more from the viewer than just passively listening. I’m eager to see how it comes out!