Once again, our favorite radio station in the world (or one of them, at least) is including ‘Opposite Sides’ in another one of their podcasts…it’s titled ‘Music That Matters’ and you can download it in iTunes or from their website: http://www.kexp.org. Support this station! They are amazing.


Creme De Menthe

April 3, 2008

I generally wouldn’t think to post a link to a negative review of our record, but this one was pretty funny. While this writer isn’t exactly sold on our music, any review that name drops Brokeback Mountain and “raspberry latte” is worth a look. It made me laugh, anyways:

http://www.stereosubversion.com/album-reviews/the-epochs/ latte.jpg

Boston is amazing.

April 3, 2008

Thanks to everyone who came early to The Lemonheads show to catch our set at Paradise last night. We’ll be back next month (at Great Scott) so we’ll see you again soon. Thanks as well to The Lemonheads for having us.


In addition to our shows next week in Boston, New York, and DC….our midwest (and southern) dates in a couple of weeks….we’ll be hitting the road with Snowden & Colour Revolt, and we’ll be stopping back at some places we’ve played before, such as Maxwell’s, Great Scott and Northstar. Here are the dates:

Tue-May-13 Washington, DC Rock and Roll Hotel 
Wed-May-14 Philadelphia, PA Northstar 
Thu-May-15 New York, NY Mercury Lounge
Fri-May-16 Hoboken, NJ Maxwells
Sat-May-17 Northampton, MA Pearl St. downstairs
Sun-May-18 Allston, MA
Great Scott


Thank you Hoboken!

March 21, 2008

What a fun show last night–as I admitted earlier, I’d never been to this legendary club prior to last nights show. Now I know I’ve been missing out for a long time! Thanks to the club for having us and to everyone we met who came to see us in New Jersey and also those who made the hike from NYC (& especially those who made it down from Queens! 🙂

We’ll be back soon…we promise.photo1.jpg


PH not V

March 12, 2008

wrote a review of us here. I think he’s a little confused by us, but I give him credit for sticking with it–